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Meditation XVII - (with apologies to) John Donne


Cebu Pacific's ATR Emergency Landing in Philippines

What: Cebu Pacific Flight 5J 893 ATR-72-500 propeller-plane, bound for Caticlan, Aklan
Where: NAIA 1’s Runway 06 Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila
When: 7:21 am Wednesday morning
Who: 53 passengers and four crew w
Why: the pilot reported a problem in the right engine. Alarm lights in the instrument panel were blinking. The carrier provided flight vouchers for Caticlan via Kalibo. The passengers were bound for Caticlan, gateway airport of the country's most popular tourist destination Boracay island. The carrier stated officially that "The engine of the 11-month-old ATR 72-500 aircraft will be checked by an international maintenance crew from Cebu Pacific"


Anonymous said...

d like to ask any information about mr anthony macalindong one of the passengers of cebu pacific...i have a friend during my younger days whos name is also anthony macalindong..after our elementary years here in dagupan..i havent heard news about him..i hope he is not one of the passengers....jojo deg

George Hatcher said...

This was an emergency landing, not a crash, so if your friend was aboard, he is most likely all right.

Anonymous said...

Nope Jojo, wasn't me! Was actually very suprised that someone else had a name like mine, Macalindong being uncommon and all. Just google me using my nickname. Currently residing in IL, USA.