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We make a special effort here to record the facts as we receive them. At times, there may be error but we do try to use our best judgement at the time of posting, and will be glad to amend any details which are proved incorrect. Furthermore, even though we do not here discuss the human cost, we realize that losing anyone in an air accident is insurmountable tragedy to individuals, families and communities. We do extend our heartfelt sympathy to those whose loss we record here. "...any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for..." us all.
Meditation XVII - (with apologies to) John Donne


TAM Linhas Aéreas Crash on 17th July Airbus A320-233 Paulo, Brazil

TAM Flight 3054 was a regular flight from Porto Alegre, Brazil, to São Paulo-Congonhas, Brazil.


  • The plane was carrying 181 passengers, all of whom died in the crash.

  • The plane was carrying 6 crewmembers, all of whom died in the crash.

  • The plane killed 11 people on the ground, all of whom died in the crash.

  • The Airbus A320 skid off the end of the rain-soaked runway cleared the airport fence and slammed into a TAM building.

  • A video shows the plane touching down then speeding up.

  • One of the Airbus 320's two thrust reversers was deactivated.

  • Flying with only one thrust reverser is allowed and considered "safe", but reduces braking power.

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